Friday, 17 February 2012

Lacanche Cookers

Lacanche Cookers are the new ‘it’ kitchen gadget everyone is talking about. Like fine wines, Lacanche range cookers are made in Burgundy, France and have swiftly gained the reputation of being ‘the Aga of France’. And with that kind of accolade behind you, it’s easy to see how this brand is gaining British converts every day.

Unlike an Aga, Lacanche models offer controllable heat. This has long been a frustration of Aga fans that have had to put up with the standard temperature that these ovens provide (even though this is somewhat of a comfort in the winter months). Lacanche has instead mingled the country-style appeal of the traditional range cooker with a sophisticated range of gadgetry that will appease even the keenest of cooks. 

Each Lacanche cooker is manufactured in the same factory that has been making the cookers since 1796. As you would expect from an established brand, quality is built into these cookers at every stage and longevity is the result – with many Lacanche models lasting a lifetime.

One of the main benefits of a La Canche cooker is the spacious interior, with some models having four ovens and four burners with a grill plate. High temperatures (up to 300 degrees centigrade) are achievable, which is fantastic for pastry and soufflés. These ovens are built for the needs of chefs, but also look stylish enough to grace any domestic kitchen.

The hobs of each cooker are custom made, so you can choose the fuel option if you prefer an induction hob to a gas-fired one. This is perfect if you are looking to customise your oven to suit your needs, or if you only have access to electricity in your kitchen, for example.

The cookers are available in a range of glossy colours that will look striking in your kitchen, from mustard yellow to hot pink. More traditional colours such as red, green and duck egg blue are also available. You are sure to find the right colour for your kitchen when you shop from the range – just take a look at our website to view the lot!  

Lacanche Cookers are available to purchase at our online store. You can also view the cookers in person at our showroom in Harborne, Birmingham. Despite their cult following, these cookers can now be found in 20,000 British kitchens. Make sure you don’t miss out and order your La Canche cooker from Macphersons today! 

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